The Crèche: Facilities

Some general information about our childcare facility:

  • Doors open at 7:00am and Close at 17:25pm. All children must be at Crèche by 8:30am and can be fetched between 15:30pm and17:25pm sharp. (No Later)
  • Pinocchio Crèche enrolls children between the ages of 2 years and 6 years. Children aged 5 -6years/ Grade R. Grade R graduates may then register for Grade 1 at the mainstream schools.
  • CCTV's are installed indoors as well as outdoors for the purpose of safety and security as well as part of our management tool

Please note:

  • The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche is a fully registered crèche.
  • All children must be OFF THE NAPPY and fully potty trained.
  • Because our teachings are Christian-based, our children do pray before meals, sing Christian songs, and listen to Christian music.
  • We regret that halaal & kosher meals are not provided.

What sets us apart?

  • Holistic childcare
  • Longer operating hours than the average crèche
  • A safe and nurturing environment
  • Extra-mural programs at no extra cost
  • Easily accessible location, by both private & public transport
  • Competitive fees
  • Value for Money: innovative projects, e.g. organic gardening and violin lessons.

Learn more about our programs

How to Enroll:

  • Download the relevant general information document and application form.
  • Then collect all listed CERTIFIED copies and complete the application form.
  • Then call the crèche, book an appointment to submit paperwork and view facility: Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday | Timeslots: 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm or 3:00pm

Documents to download:

Would you like to enroll your child at our crèche? Please see our “Enrollment Process” below, as well as our General Information documents:

General Information Download application pack Download Grade R information Download Grade R application pack

Application Process:

Photocopy of or Incomplete Application Forms will not be considered. Following CERTIFIED supporting documents must be submitted with the application form:

  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Child’s Clinic Card (Ensure it’s updated)
  • Copy of parent’s/guardian’s Identity Documents (i.e.; Passport or SA ID)
  • 2 ID Photographs of parents
  • Legal Guardians of children are to submit documentation confirming guardianship
  • Proof of Employment (i.e.; pay slip)
  • Proof of Residence (i.e.; recent accounts, utility bill, etc.)
  • Foreign Citizens: certified copies of residency & permit documents (Home Affairs/Embassy)
  • Copy of 3 months Recent Bank Statement

Once the application form and supporting documents are received, an interview may be arranged for final consideration of enrollment.

Only our regulatory bodies, Social Services and Health Department will have access to these documents. Parents must complete all documentation in the application pack.

Hygeine policy:


  • Your child’s hair must be washed, combed and kept neat daily.
  • Boys hair must be kept short and neat, or tide back.
  • Girls hair must be kept clean, neatly plaited or tide up.
  • Parents will be informed to clean/ fix their child’s hair if it seems untidy and unclean.


  • Your child’s nails must be kept short and clean at all times. Strictly NO nail polish.

Oral Hygiene:

  • Your child’s teeth must be brushed every morning and evening.
  • The crèche does not take responsibility of a child’s oral hygiene. This is 100% the parent’s responsibility.
  • Parents are expected to take their children for regular dental checkups.
  • Bad oral hygiene is not only unhealthy but also very embarrassing for the child.

General Hygiene:

  • All children must be washed daily, and dressed in clean clothes and underwear.
  • School Bags: Your child’s bag must be cleaned and scrubbed regularly.

Dress code:

  • Parents are expected to dress their children appropriately for all seasons of the year. Winter, autumn and spring are usually our colder months and therefore children should be dressed warmly. Summer is warmer and therefore cool clothing would be best.
  • Clothing must not be restrictive and tight fitting – the child must be able to sit and play comfortably. Body parts may not be inappropriately showing. Parents will be informed immediately to make the necessary adjustments to the cloths.
  • Do not dress your child in expensive fashionable clothing that you don’t want messed on or spoilt. The crèche will not be held responsible if the clothing or shoes are damaged.
  • Extra clothes must be in your child’s bag at all times, we never know when your child’s stomach may run or when he/she messes on their cloths.

Trading & holiday policy:

  • Pinocchio Crèche operates Monday to Friday from 7am – 17:25pm (sharp)
  • Notice will be served to parents who do not make correct arrangements to collect their children on time
  • The crèche is closed on all public holidays and closes at 15:00pm the day before the public holiday
  • Pinocchio Crèche does not closed during the Department of Education School Holidays – however, does close for an extended holiday between December and January. Please note all fees must be paid up during this period – if parents want to keep their child’s space when we re-open in the New Year. Children graduating will pay until November making December’s fees the notice payment
  • Please note: Pinocchio Crèche closes on Friday 9 December 2016 and re-opens on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 for the New Year


  • The monthly fee is R950-00 per month – subject to annual increases, the first month you pay an advance, which is an additional amount of R950-00, this covers the very last month your child is in the crèche. The advance amount will cover this final month. Grade R monthly fees is R1100-00 – subject to annual increases, plus R700 – paid with application. In the event of you removing your child from our care, you are required to furnish us with one month’s paid written notice – from the next allocated payment date. All amounts paid are NON-REFUNDABLE – so be 100% sure. (This information was accurate at the time of deliverance).
  • All parents must ensure they are financially organized in order to make the monthly fees payment on time.
  • The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche reserves the right to serve notice to parents who do not keep their fees payments up to date. The responsibility falls on the parent to be financially organised to keep their payment record up to date.
  • We urge all parents to pay on time, for the benefit of their child.
  • The advance payment must be paid together with the first months fees, before your child may start.
  • For registration – in order to secure your space for 2017 a minimum of the advance payment must be paid if your application is successful, and the balance to be paid no later than the first day your child starts at Pinocchio Crèche.
  • The notice period starts from the date allocated to you. (The date your child originally started)
  • Please note that the fees for December and January Must Be Paid in Full.

Health & medication policy:

  • The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche does NOT, under any circumstances administer any medicines. This policy is nonnegotiable. It is the parent’s responsibility to manage medical treatments / course with their doctors. Parents are also expected to inform the crèche of medical treatment their child is receiving, for record purposes.
  • All parents please note, Pinocchio Crèche is not a hospital with medical staff, and therefore cannot be expected to except and look after sick children – the crèche staff is well within their right to refuse a sick child until they’ve fully recover from their illness. If a child shows any symptoms of illness while in our care, the crèche staff will contact the parents immediately to collect their child, and the parents are obligated to fetch the child immediately, in order to seek medical attention.
  • NB: A child will not be accepted back into the crèche without an official doctor’s clearance certificate. Please inform the doctor to write a more detailed description than ‘medical condition’ in the illness description section.
  • Parents must ensure the clinic cards are kept up to date by each child’s doctor or medical facility. And parents must ensure the crèche has updated copies of this document at all times.
  • Parents are asked to inform the crèche of any allergies their child suffers from. The organization reserves the right to decline an application if we’re unable to accommodate a child with a specific allergy. This would be for the child’s best interest and safety.
  • The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche does not discriminate against anyone diagnosed with HIV/Aids or with disability. Although we don’t discriminate against any persons with disability – we do undertake to advise parents if our facility is not in the position to cater to the needs of a child with disabilities, or any other medical conditions.

Fundraising policy:

  • All parents must agree to participate and support all fundraising efforts done by the crèche. All the children benefit from the fundraising initiatives and campaigns and therefore all parents should be obligated to participate. Please note this is a condition a parent must agree to in order to have their child considered for enrolment.
  • These fundraising initiatives help the crèche implement invaluable educational and developmental programs for the children. It also assists with minimizing added costs to the parent. So the more supportive the parents are the more benefits can be enjoyed for the children.

Food policy:

  • Pinocchio Crèche’s goal is to provide healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast and lunch meals for the children. We believe that a diet of whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit, with supplementary amounts of fish, soya, poultry dairy products and seeds will ensure a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Therefore we provide the children with two fully cooked meals. We do not give the children any red meat, as it’s not healthy for a child at this stage of their life; we substitute it with Soya which has a sufficient amount of protein to benefit your child.
  • Parents provide the snacks which are eaten after their nap; this can be a combination of fruit juice, yoghurt, and fruit of choice. Chips and sweets only allowed on Fridays and at birthday parties. No gas or energy drinks are ever allowed, if found in your child’s bag it will be thrown away.

Items in the childs bag:

  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 2 pairs of extra clothing
  • Snacks (Healthy Options only: Monday to Thursday. Luxuries in moderation: Fridays )
  • Strictly NO bubble gum
  • Wet Wipes
  • Cream/Vaseline
  • Hair Brush & Comb
  • Toilet Roll & Tissues ( The teachers will inform parents to replace before they run out)
  • Strictly NO toys may be brought to crèche from home, it will be confiscated

Discipline policy:

  • Pinocchio Crèche believes that positive reinforcement and encouragement are the most effective means of helping children learn appropriate and acceptable behavior. Any inappropriate act is discussed with the child in a calm yet firm manner stating why the action is unacceptable and what the logical consequences will be to address the behavior.
  • Parents are reminded that discipline is 100% their responsibility and it starts at home.
  • Privileges will be taken away as a consequence of bad behavior.
  • Parents will be informed every time bad behavior has occurred.
  • If the bad behavior continues, The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche reserves the right to expel the child from the crèche by serving one month’s notice to the parents. Parents will then have to find alternative childcare services.

Educational Program:

According to the Department of Health and Social Services (Western Cape) Early Childhood Development (ECD) is “an umbrella term which implies to the process by which children from birth to nine years grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and morally.” Pinocchio Crèche strives to provide activities that are designed to stimulate creativity, self-expression, exploration, and individual growth, development of motor skills, listening /communication skills, cognitive skills, emotional/social skills, and environmental awareness.

  • Toddlers (24 months – 356months): Stimulating creative activities, problem solving, games using the imagination and language development.
  • Pre-scholars (3years – 5years): From the age of 3years, children are gradually introduced to various activities that will enhance their physical, social and emotional, and mental development, in preparation for Grade “R”. A progress report will be sent to each parent on a quarterly basis. 5 year old pupils graduating to Grade “R” will receive a special certificate at the end of the year – together with a portfolio of evidence containing examples of the work done during the year.
  • All Pinocchio Crèche children participate in a music, gardening, drama and dance appreciation program, which is presented to the parents, friends and family at the end of year concert and graduation. This program is vitally important for the development of the child’s motor and cognitive skills.

Safety policy:

  • We do not allow just anyone to pick up your child except for the authorized persons, but these people MUST be introduced to the crèche staff in advance. If you need to send someone else to fetch your child, you need to contact us, give us the person’s ID number or passport number and a few details to identify the person safely. This person must introduce themselves with their identification document. There is too many children disappearing in our country therefore we have to be extra safety conscious. Due to our strict safety policies over 26 years of operating in the community, not one child has ever gone missing from our facility. To continue this successful safety rate, we require the full co-operation of all our parents/ guardians.
  • Parents please note, your child may not be fetched or dropped off by an unaccompanied minor. A minor is someone under the age of 18 years old.
  • Parents please inform the transport drivers they must drop off and collect your child, in person. As part of the application supporting documentation, a certified copy of the driver’s ID must be submitted.
  • The DWA Educational Trust: Pinocchio Crèche does not take any responsibility once a child is handed over to the person sent by a parent. We therefore, ask parents to be extra careful of whom they send to fetch their children.